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Scribbles & Giggles Family Childcare is licensed by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Children and Families (www.dcf.wisconsin.gov). Scribbles & Giggles Family Childcare is solely owned and operated by Michelle Coker. I do not utilize employees, volunteers, or substitutes in providing childcare services. I am licensed to care for no more than 8 children at any one time. This number changes based on the number and ages of children in care at any one time. Scribbles & Giggles Family Childcare will provide care for children ages 3 months old through 6 years old or until the start date of full-time school and or kindergarten. Drop-in Care is available for children 3 months through 12 years old. Child care services are available without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry. I am inspected regularly to ensure that I meet licensing standards.

Michelle Coker


Hello! My name is Michelle Coker. When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. In my childhood home you would often find me in the playroom pretending to be a teacher and playing school. I remember having laundry baskets as desks and stuffed animals and childhood friends as students. As a child I was raised in an in-home daycare setting. Throughout my childhood I was always surrounded by friends and as an older child I enjoyed helping my mother take care of the children. However, as I grew older my dream was forgotten and I became more interested in working in an office specifically in a doctor’s office. In 2011 I obtained my associates degree in Health Care Administration. After obtaining my degree I found it difficult to find a job in the field because of lack of experience. My husband then suggested that I stay home and watch children. Immediately after starting my in-home childcare I discovered my passion for early education. Each morning I wake up, I’m excited to share in children’s learning and watching them grow. I love to plan learning experiences that excite the children and challenge them. I would have to say that my favorite part about working with children is to observe them and witness the moment they’ve discovered something or grasped a challenging concept. These special moments along with the children I care for daily is what has inspired me to go back to school to earn a degree in early childhood education and make my childhood dream come true. It is my passion to help young children reach developmental milestones in their own unique ways. I feel my experience of being raised in an in-home daycare setting, my teenage years as a babysitter, raising my own child and my current experience puts me exactly where I am meant to be. My time as a childcare provider consists of being responsible for and monitoring the well-being of children in my care, assisting children with personal tasks, organize and prepare meals and menu plans, organize plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences, plan routines to ensure each child has enough physical activity rest and playtime, document children’s learning experiences while watching for developmental problems, record keeping, and ensuring the childcare is in compliance with all state licensing childcare regulations. In my free time I love to read and spend time with my family.

Scribbles & Giggles

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The mission of Scribbles & Giggles Family Childcare is to provide a safe, clean, loving, developmentally appropriate and enjoyable experience for every child. 


Scribbles & Giggles Family Childcare believes children learn best through play. I believe in open and honest communication. I understand that all children are unique and special in their own way therefore I am committed to working with families to ensure what is best for your child. I also believe in teaching children important life lessons such as Self Help and Safety, Patience, Teamwork, Responsibility and
Compassion for self and others. Children are encouraged to use his or her imagination and own ideas.


My vision in the present is for parents to feel good about their childcare choice and in the future, I hope each child will look back at their experiences with me and cherish it as a highlight of their childhood.

“Scribbles may not make any sense to an adult. They look like a lot of lines, loops, and squiggles. But these marks are very important to a young child. They are a child’s way of writing her thoughts. Drawing and scribbling are the first steps in using the skills children will need later for writing.

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